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Hyperbole: The Best Podcast Ever

Sep 23, 2019

In this episode: planned banter, amazing foot massages, terrible turkeys, hot altitude, lazy apologies, Worcestershire, today in Yiddish, Jeff Lewis preschool drama, Mama June’s broken picker and Danielle Straub’s surprisingly broken engagement, a cautionary tale, a lost ring, local mail carrier drama, and an...

Sep 15, 2019

In this episode: puppies, the magic of poké, guilty pleasures, the scourge of mint wrappers, vented yoga pants, #PalinDivorce, the amazing em dash, Today in Yiddish, RHOD is worth another look, Britney Spears custody drama, new dinosaur news, a hard seltzer crisis, very aggressive bees, and the best quiz show ever. 

Sep 8, 2019

Cold kits, fun with Yiddish, awesome concerts, airport lines, Amy’s missing fingerprints, a terrible toenail trend, errant nose blows, BravoCONNED, the elephant in the room, Bethenny’s out and Chrisley most definitely does not know best, terrible banana news, the perils of a french fry diet, local drama, and an...