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Hyperbole: The Best Podcast Ever

Jan 26, 2020

Extremely relaxed room service, an Oprah disappointment, anti-friction, Law & Order marathons with very busy and important witnesses, accidental shipments, searching for the initials BTA!, vagina candles, the right way to borrow, Today in Yiddish, a nude fundraiser, trial by combat, new spelling bee rules, asparagus...

Jan 19, 2020

New year greetings, waterfall freedom, the Schumacher Chain Mai Dragon (TM), word prohibitions, TLC feet issues, surprising Twitter trends, a friendly reminder, in spite of and despite, Today in Yiddish, dipping sauce drama, kung fu nuns, popular on Grubhub, glitter restrictions, Vanderpump returns, who cares about...

Dec 8, 2019

In this episode: snowplow parenting, mulling spices, grown & flown, Christmas woes, terrible veggies, petrichor, Today in Yiddish, a found wedding ring, a sad goodbye to an important society, a very special eel, The Best Quiz Show Ever, lost consonants, LeeAnne’s L’Infinity dress, and local drama. 

Dec 1, 2019

The VIP treatment, unschooling, parking ticket forgiveness, unacceptable gnocchi, bovine survivors, roaming gangs of turkeys, the magic of Lizzo, breaking down a tagline, local leaf drama, today in Yiddish, and an interview with the most amazing visionary and founder of The Birthday Party Project, Paige Chenault! 

Nov 24, 2019

In this episode: secret menus, the Comfy, apple manchego salad, a very important vitamin B warning, bizarre humus flavors, use vs. utilize, today in Yiddish, Marie Kondo hawking junk, magic seaweed, co-existing with bears, saffron drama, royal news, BravoCon, the Best Quiz Show Ever, and local drama.